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Find the Right Keywords to Optimize For

Study the Competition

See what successful competitors are doing and their performance

Analyze with Real Data

Take the data-driven approach with Keyword Insights and App Intelligence

Performance by Country

Get more from your ASO by focusing on keywords that perform well globally

See Which Apps Are Ranking Well for Any Keyword Right Now

Appfigures makes it easy to research the top results for any keyword on the App Store and Google Play across key markets.

Take a look "under the hood" of every top app including: keyword frequency, app download estimates, ad intelligence, metadata, and store performance.

Find New Opportunities with Keyword Insights

Data is better than gut and intuition. When it comes to ASO, Keyword Insights such as popularity and competitiveness are essential to selecting which keywords to focus on.

We use statistical models to analyze and evaluate keywords and the apps that rank well for them, and give you insights you won't find anywhere else to empower your optimization strategy.

Go Deeper with App Intelligence

To really know your market you need to go beyond keywords. How many downloads are your competitors getting? Are they investing in paid advertising? Find out with App Intelligence.

All the Data You Need to Optimize Your Apps

Appfigures brings together every piece of data you need to improve your ASO and get more downloads

Analyze Your Downloads & Revenue

Analyze accurate downloads and revenue to see how your ASO is performing.

Monitor Top Charts

Track category ranks to see how you stack up to competitors.

Read & Reply to Reviews

Learn from your users and engage them to increase positive ratings.

See Where Your Apps are Featured

Find out if, where, and when your apps are featured anywhere.

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See how your paid ads are performing and their impact on your ASO.