Fast and Intuitive Keyword Performance Monitoring

Track keyword ranks hourly to understand which keywords are performing well, and which aren't.

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Fast and Intuitive Keyword Performance Monitoring

Hourly Rank Updates

Iterate on your ASO faster with hourly updating ranks

Indispensable Keyword Insights

See how popular and competitive keywords are across the entire store

Alerts to Email and Slack

Get performance updates right in your inbox and to Slack

Base Your Decisions on Right Now’s Rank, Not Yesterday's

Appfigures is the only ASO platform that provides hourly updates for keyword ranks, giving you access to the latest ranks so you can optimize faster.

Smarter ASO with Keyword Insights

See if keywords are popular and how competitive they are to decide which keywords are worth optimizing for and which aren't, saving you precious time.

Put Your Monitoring on Auto Pilot with Automatic Alerts

Spend your time optimizing and we'll handle the rest. We'll send you a daily alert to your email or Slack showing you how you're performing. Automatically.

Powerful Reports That Are Intuitive To Everyone

You don't have to be an ASO expert to use our reports. We designed our entire ASO toolkit to pack all the features an expert would need with a UI that's easy to use even if this is your first go at ASO.

All the Data You Need to Optimize Your Apps

Appfigures brings together every piece of data you need to improve your ASO and get more downloads

Analyze Your Downloads & Revenue

Analyze accurate downloads and revenue to see how your ASO is performing.

Monitor Top Charts

Track category ranks to see how you stack up to competitors.

Read & Reply to Reviews

Learn from your users and engage them to increase positive ratings.

See Where Your Apps are Featured

Find out if, where, and when your apps are featured anywhere.

Get Real Support

Have a question? Talk to a real person in real time. It's that simple.

Track Ad Campaigns

See how your paid ads are performing and their impact on your ASO.