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Explorer is the most advanced app discovery platform for lead generation, market analysis, competitor tracking, and more.

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Identify and analyze apps with Explorer

Identify the apps you need

  • Powerful Filters

    Explorer's powerful search engine lets you identify apps with a variety of filters -- from name and developer, to categories, SDKs, rank, and more.

  • Flexible Queries

    Build complex queries using AND and OR operators to zoom in with great precision and identify the apps you need.

  • Customizable Results

    Customize the results view to show the columns you care about most. From the basics, to monetization, or any other combination.

Mobiel SDK analysis, app ranks, ratings, and app info | Identify and analyze apps with Explorer

Dig into every app

  • Mobile SDKs

    View a list of SDKs/technologies the app is currently using as well as SDKs the app was using in the past.

  • Store Data

    From pricing and monetization strategy to categories, localizations, and much more. Explorer's profiles show you all the details.

  • Competitors coming soon

    Our machine learning algorithms find similar apps and direct competitors for every app, across all app stores.

Mobiel SDK analysis, app ranks, ratings, and app info | Identify and analyze apps with Explorer

Find qualified leads

  • Contacts + Emails

    Find the most appropriate contact person using their name, title, role, and department. Then, grab their direct email and get in touch.

  • Company Information

    Easily find important company information such as its address, year established, a description, links to social media, and more.

  • CRM Integrations coming soon

    Connect with leading CRM platforms to turn contact info into a lead with a single click.

Real-time alerts for new apps and app updates | Identify and analyze apps with Explorer

Automate your workflow

  • Saved Searches

    Take the time to create the most complex queries knowing that you can easily save them and then run them with a single click.

  • Alerts

    Set up alerts for your saved searches and every time a new app is added or removed we'll send you the details. In real-time or daily.

  • REST API coming soon

    Connect to Explorer's powerful search engine on-demand to automate and extend your internal dashboards and apps.

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Find new customers

Predict emerging trends

Know your competition

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Pinpoint growing industries

Qualify your leads

Actionable App Data

Mobile SDKs

We run every iOS and Android app through our deep SDK analysis to gather every technology they have installed as soon as they update. See mobile SDK data for every app as well find apps by the mobile SDK they have installed.

App Performance

Explorer's secret weapon is its app performance metrics. We collect millions of data points that include chart positions, ratings, and featured lists so you can filter by current and historic standings as well as velocity by category and country.

App Store Marketing

Get a complete view of any app's store meta data for even better targeting. Using category, release date, country availability, and more. We keep track of all apps that were ever available in the store, not just the ones that are active now.

App details

Dig even deeper with detailed information for every app including its name and description (for keyword analysis), monetization strategy (freemium, ad -supported, etc.), device compatibility, content localizations, file size, and more.

Company info

Get to know a developer quickly with Explorer's rich company information. We get fresh results in near-real time so you're always up to date. Access every developer's geographic location, company description, social media profiles, and more.

Contacts + Emails

Improve your outreach by targeting the most appropriate contact person. Explorer lists all of the important contacts in the company and shows you their email address as well as their name, title, role, and department.

We handle the grunt work for you

We collect millions of raw data points from a multitude of sources every day.

Once captured, we clean and normalize them so they're easy to work with.

We then analyze, crunch, slice, dice, and index them all so you get exactly what you need.

And deliver ready-to-use data with best in class coverage, really really fast.