App Analytics

Track Performance

Keep track of downloads, revenue, and store performance for all of your apps in one place to see trends and make more informed decisions.

App Store Optimization

Optimize Visibility

Monitor keyword ranks and identify new keywords that will increase your views and get you more downloads with unparalleled insights.

Market Research

Study the Competition

Get to know the market and competitors with intelligence data. Learn from competitors and analyze their performance to get more downloads.

Start tracking today.

Get ahead of your competition

Insights to Help You Grow

Monitor performance, understand the competitive landscape, and optimize for growth.

Performance Analytics

Get the most complete view into your app downloads and revenue to easily identify and analyze important trends.

Easily analyze revenue from app downloads and in-app purchases, subscriptions, and ads together to see the complete picture and benchmark growth.

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App Store Optimization

Improve your ASO faster with hourly updates for any keyword in key markets across the globe.

Analyze keywords to find new opportunities, and see the performance of your competitors.

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Read & Reply to App Reviews

Turn reviews into useful feedback with automatic review collection and translation, and detailed filters. Reply to important reviews to increase customer satisfaction and improve your overall ASO.

Get notified when new reviews are available so you can handle them quickly.

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Rank Monitoring

See where you and your competitors stand with hourly-updated ranks and react quickly as things change.

Check out the current top charts in every country and for every category to see how competitive any app is.

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App Market Intelligence

Analyze the entire app market with the most comprehensive insights for millions of apps—from download and revenue estimates to audience demographics and ad spending.

Leverage insights to find hidden opportunities, qualify investments, and keep an eye on competitors.

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Sales Prospecting

Increase your chances of closing and speed up your sales cycle by reaching out to the right target audience.

Use intelligent performance, popularity and audience metrics to identify the right app publishers for your SDK and get direct emails for key contacts.

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