CapCut Crosses 2M Daily Downloads – Most Ever!

Ariel Ariel

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CapCut is on fire the last few weeks! I talked about it a few weeks ago when its downloads doubled, but this week it crossed another milestone so I have to being it up again.

According to our estimates, CapCut's global downloads, including downloads in China which come under a different app, crossed 2 million earlier this week. The highest number of daily downloads the app has seen.

According to our estimates, CapCut earned its highest day of downloads just before the Christmas break, and it wasn't only the highest day of downloads but also the first (and only) time CapCut had more than 2,000,000 downloads in a single day.

One day!

The majority of downloads came from Google Play, which is pretty standard when considering its global reach. And yes, like its parent TikTok, CapCut is also banned in India, making its rise even more impressive.

What's also interesting, and likely even more important than downloads, is revenue!

CapCut has been monetizing its app in China for a long time now but wasn't in the US. That changed recently and we now see revenue starting to align with downloads. In numbers, CapCut has seen roughly $400K of net revenue outside of China in November and also in December, according to our estimates.

That's a little lower than China's revenue, which we estimate to be around $2M per month, but that's because it just started charging a few months ago.

And that's going to mean bad news for the entire video editing app space, which enjoyed healthy revenue for quite a few years. I expect that to be a lot harder now and that CapCut is pushing.

I'll leave you with this - CapCut's organic rank for the keyword "video editor" rose from #9 (which no one really sees) up to #3, a not-so-easy feat considering the keyword's popularity.

Video editors will have to fight harder than ever before in 2023, and that means paying attention to trends, investing in ASA, and in organic visibility.

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