Incredible and Easy to Use

I'm an older IFR student, having a difficult (impossible?) time visualizing --- not so much the hold entry to use --- but what happens after I cross the fix, i.e. what route do you fly to get into the hold, and for how long, etc.
I've looked at a dozen other similar apps, even purchased a few, but this one is by far "THE" best. In fact, there at no others that spell out exactly the heading and time you must fly after crossing the fix.
I use my iPad in the cockpit to receive ADSB data, and knowing this app is a click away is a tremendous comfort.
I hope over time, and with the use of this app, to be able to better visualize the hold entry and course to fly, but for now, I don't see ever being without it, even as just a safety check.
It's so easy and intuitive to use, I'm really grateful that someone thought up this app.
Thanks Mr. Developer!