I love any.do for iPad!

Any.do does what the others don't! I love it!
5 stars for: syncing between all devices, sublists, helpful reminders, and countless other organize features.

A couple things i'd like to see:
An option to make a bunch of sublists, lists. So if I have an item that I make 15 sublists entries for, I would like to have the option to put them in a list. Right now they are stuck as sublists entries. I actually got out a good old fashioned pen and paper to write down the sublists entries I wanted to move to other lists to add as actual list entries. Because some of my sublists entries need notes or sublists of their own. I get that it could get messy with never ending sublists. So that's why I think there should be a feature a little 3 dot button perhapys with an option to move to another spot within my any.do
I love EVERYTHING else about the app. I use it on my Windows desktop, my Chromebook, my iPad, and my android smartphone.
I downloaded over 75 note taking apps on my android smartphone a couple of months ago in hopes of finding the best one for getting more organized.
Any.do is the best to do list app
Any.do is the best note taking app
Any.do is the best organizing app
Any.do is better than Evernote
Any.do is better than Google Keep
Any.do is better than default to do lists

I have turned countless people on to Any.do
Group discount on premium would be awesome. Similar to Spotify premium for families or Google Play Music family plan. Separate private accounts that pay one low rate.