I use this as my mobile planner

This app has changed my world. I paid for the upgrade, worth every cent, and it has made me nearly addicted to checking my list throughout the day; It must have something to do with the mild encouraging sounds it makes (or mildly disappointing when you put something off/snooze) or just the slightly different way items are checked off. I especially like the paid verson's random list (Any.do Moments) option that puts up one task, and you must decide then and there how to treat it - VERY helpful if you don't know where to start in a day but need to get cracking.

I have been using Wrike and Evernote as well on my PC, but this app has been perfect for mobile use. Any.do fills the gap between "Reminders" on my iPhone and "Evernote", which is much more for project completion and complicated layers. I really needed this.

On task order, I do wish I were able to keep the order I've crafted in the "checklist" mode and have it reflected in the "calendar" mode (bottom 3 buttons) of the screen.

It is a major help to have alarms for unforgettables though, and this was why I chose this app. That factor was a non-negotiable. I also really love in the paid version (under random) the ability to choose today, but also morning, afternoon, evening, night.. which aids in pop up order as well. Might be nice if the app could recognize those choices and throw up morning tasks first, etc.. when planning my day.

Great app. I use it consistently and I really mean it when I say this has changed my life and productivity incredibly. Thank you!