Simple to use and more capable of handling everything.

After buying so many other to do list's on the market, this truly shines above the rest. With an Apple watch, phone and Ipad I could not set an appointment fast enough before the lady at my doctors office kindly made a card for me to take home with the date of my next appointment written on it. I left the office and immediately changed to the Any do app. It collects everything no matter where I am. I can tell it a random thought. It's saved. The Moment system brings it all together to quickly organize it. Like magic, nothing gets forgotten, I don't stress, and it's simple, super simple and really really fast. In a few seconds I can get a thought into the ap saved for later. I'm not creating shapes and colors and symbols in a crazy scheme like other apps. This just makes sense. Its the first app that can actually handle the many different responsibilities of my life. Pay for the premium. Its completely worth it.