Wicked awesome!

I have 1blocker on iOS so it only makes sense to have the program on my MAC. First and foremost, web pages load lightning fast vs my last ad blocker. I have not been using the MAC version horribly long but no pages seem to be “broken” as can happen with these app types. Retired APB PLUS and now I feel safer with 1blocker. Who know why, I just do. Plus if you have an issue, send support an email, or tweet, or whatever you kids use these days. They seem to be VERY responsive. Plus, $4.99 for MAC and $2.99 on IOS ? (I think). $8.00 is not a bad investment for what the app does for you. Peace of mind for me and like I said, “wicked fast web page load times.” No more waiting for a page to load in 2016 like it was the dial up days. Yes, I’m that old.