Best content filter for Safari

1Blocker uses Safari’s native content filters rather than using Javascript to manhandle the DOM. This helps Safari to be head and shoulders more energy efficient than Chrome.

The only other Safari native content filter I know of is Adamant but Adamant has no configuration options whatsoever. 1Blocker for Mac has nearly the customizability of uBlock Origin but in a much friendlier native GUI and it syncrhonizes all of your filters with the iOS version by default (although you can disable this) and is very effective.

Other options all have issues:
- Adblock Plus has a publisher extortion revenue model
- uBlock is an abandoned fork of the Chrome version and doesn’t work correctly anymore
- Ghostery has no custom rules and is also monetised by seeking rents from publishers

Bottom line is that 1Blocker is the best option for content filtering for Safari users.