Having used 1Blocker on my iPhone for some time has meant I have been able to browser the web on my phone when not in 3G/4G or WiFi locations. It’s been a god send, and saves a whole bunch of data on my plan. I expected to see this on my Mac and I am not disappointed. I’ve moved away from Ghostery (having previously moved away from AdBlock) and I’m thrilled - Safari has now got a whole new lease of life compared to with Ghostery. Pages load instantly, and CPU utilisation is down, while blocking all sorts of domains (for those dreadful adverts, trackers and goodness only knows what else) is as good if not better.

This is quite literally the best £3.99 I’ve spent in some time, and I love that advertising companies do not get to pay the developer to allow their ads (as they do with Ghostery and AdBlock). With this app, WE come first, WE are the customers, we are NOT the product that’s being sold.