You Wanted the Best You Got the Best

Yes that is the slogan from Kiss and I do believe it applies here. I have used 1Blocker on iOS since safari extensions were allowed in iOS 9. I wish I would have gotten this mac version back then instead of using a free extension. I can already tell a difference in my surfing and web page loading time. There is nothing more annoying then pop ups and in your face advertising and 1Blocker knocks them out. Visiting my favorite pages there are less adds on them and now 1Blocker is the only extension in my browser where before I had two and together they did not block what this one does. It truly is 1Blocker. I am running Sierra and Safari 10 and it does work. I went to the web pages of the 1 star review and they both work for me. You can customize this software. So spend a little time with it and it will do a good job for you.