Amazed by this game after only one day

I bought this for my homeschooled nine-year-old who has been consistently resistant to learning arithmetic. Both her parents have degrees in math, but surprisingly she has no interest in it. I don’t want to push her into her parents’ interests, but everyone needs some basic arithmetic skills. Although she can do some in her head, she refuses anything that looks workbook-like. I have tried to find a game that would show her arithmetic while holding her interest, but had no luck until now. She took to this game right away! She played it for about six hours the very first day. (I know that’s a ridiculous amount of screen time, but I really didn’t want to stop her.). One of the things that holds her up is that she has always written numbers backwards and gets frustrated. I noticed that her writing improved and she grew more confident as she played. I was stunned to see her so excited - while learning how to do basic arithmetic of multiple-digit numbers “on paper”, including the idea of “carry the 1”. She told me repeatedly how much she loves the game. I just can’t thank the developers enough for this game; it is the best!