Hang in there, its worth it!

I initially gave this a 2 star review as, although we had loved all the other Dragonbox games, this one took too long to progress and my daughter was bored and frustrated. BUT we stuck at it. I harvested 400 apples for her, to take the initial monotony out of the game play, and from then on she was well away.

I recognise now that had she not already been able to confidently add up 2 digit numbers, the slow start would have been important to the learning process.

She has played this game in total for less than 3 hours but is already super confident adding large numbers (both in the app and on paper, upto 10 digits on paper so far!) and is starting to master taking them away, and at no point has she felt like she was “learning maths”. At the end of the day this is the main aim of the app so I have upgraded my review to 5 stars as it does what it says on the tin.