This is a great app for people who like to download or create movie files like MP4 or rip DVD and Blue-ray discs to hard drives for convenience. If your internet isn’t the best, this is SO much better than streaming. I save the movie or TV episodes to my computer, share them on the network, and watch them on my Apple TV or iPad. If I need to rewind or skip ahead, it’s instant! Streaming apps freeze or take forever when I try to rewind a few seconds. Infuse is instant since it’s already downloaded the whole file instead of streaming. Also the organization of videos and the way it shows ratings and IMDB info is slick. I can also sync/download to my iPad or iPhone if I want to watch when I’m traveling. I haven’t written many reviews, but wanted to put this out because I had a hard time finding an app like this that I think many people ought to know about! FYI you will want to buy a big hard drive to store all the movie files, but it’s a good investment.