Best video app ever

I don't understand the negative reviews about paying again and again. Then just buy the lifetime PRO version via an in-app purchase. Costs a bit, but I use 1 purchase on all my Apple devices and those of my family members via family sharing. And especially on the AppleTVs, this works so beautifully. Works flawlessly in combination with my NAS and the TraktTV connection is so nice.
I gave 5 stars, but actually I wanted to give 4.5.
Because there is still room for improvement! For example, I would like to see in advance whether the film is, for example, a 3D version or an extended version and what the spoken languages are. Sometimes you just have multiple versions on your NAS. The time in the home screen of the AppleTV version is also welcome and what the end time of a movie or series is like with Kodi. Adding IPTV streams is also on my wish list.
Fortunately, there are regular updates, which make Infuse a little better every time.
And as long as there isn't a Kodi app on iOS, iPadOS, and TVOS, this will definitely remain my favorite.