AMAZING! Unbelievable features you’d not think possible on iOS

Firstly, I’ve been using Infuse on 3 iPads now, each time upgrading. I never leave reviews on the AppStore due to time shortage I have (work).
BUT Infuse Pro is an App that DESERVES a review regardless.
1. Firstly the design interface, regardless, has the Metadate (Title, Synopsis, Artwork) of each video file.
2. Has the ability to add files to your Library through direct cable connection, SMB/AFP sharing and Http Local.
3. I have one of my main Hard Drives with pretty much any video file Downloaded in the past Decade attached to my iMac (if not MacBook) 95% of the time.
-This allows me to stream using Infuse Pro directly from that, using AFP/SMB from my Mac and download from there too!
+My locally networked Hard Drives are also accessible.
Infuse Pro doesn’t just allow you to view the files and their extensions even if streamed, it is visually the same as having it in your Infuse Library. (Title, Synopsis, Artwork are all there for this!) And I can Bookmark folders on there.
4. It allows pretty much any video type, mkv, avid or any other exotic file type - infuse can play it, and AUTOMATICALLY recognize what it is, add metadata Title, Synopsis, Artwork etc which is incredible.
5. Plus it’s FAST and doesn’t drain you iPad like other on the fly or converting on the fly apps which I won’t mention to point fingers.
Infuse is one of a kind. With COUNTLESS FEATURES which I could go on and on about for hours.
After working hard all day it’s perfect!
To conclude, if I had to pick one app to have on my iPad (Work aside) - Infuse Pro is the app I’d choose.
Plus it’s reasonably priced! At the most £0.99 a month. That’s not much for what this app does.
MESSAGE TO THE Infuse APP DEVELOPERS — well done and thank you, you’ve created something amazing, reasonably priced, an intelligent app, with countless setting and customizations that I can’t now live without.