Best Video Player

I’ve been using infuse for over a year now and would 100% recommend for anyone looking for an alternative to having to use the Plex app as their video player. It handles every type of video file I’ve thrown at it flawlessly and even handles surround sound very well. It can play 3D sbs videos when connect to the right projector. But anything frame packed or MVC will play as 2D video (apple tv limitation). My only gripe is that it can’t play Dolby Atmos from true hd encoded audio (another Apple TV limitation) but it decodes to a high quality lcpm so the only thing you’ll miss is the height channels however, it does play atmos from EAC3 aka DD+ with atmos FLAWLESSLY and handles Spatial Audio for AirPods flawlessly as well. This app is affordable at only $1.00 a month and I would recommend for you to try it if you are looking for an alternative from Plex as a video player. Cannot speak on this app as a media server however since I will still use Plex for library organization and for the ability to share my Plex library with family and friends but I use this app on a daily basis to watch the media in my Plex library.