Very good

I use Infuse across 2x Apple TVs and a Mac. It's pretty good for keeping track of what you have watched and are watching across devices.
One feature I really like on the ATV is the ability to see the film title, resolution, and synopsis while the file is playing. I'd like this feature added to the MacOS version to bring the functionality into line.
I stream all my movies (SD to UHD ISOs) from a NAS over SMB, NFS and AFP. I still find AFP much more reliable and better performing over 10gbE than NFS SMB on Apple devices. AFP has less overheads than SMB and works flawlessly with Infuse.
I still wish you could just choose to use Metacritic for the ratings. Most of the star ratings are not consistent with critics and most films end up with a 7 rating in Infuse which is unrealistic. As a film buff I find metacritic to be the most accurate because it isn't swayed by popcorn film lovers who seem to rate every superhero movie a 10/10.