There is room for improvement in episode recognition and movie classification

1. Even a TV series with only a single season, it is necessary to include the season number and episode number "S01E**" in the file name to identify it, but it is not possible to identify a video file containing only the episode number "E***". This required me to spend extra time renaming all the video files, and PLEX did a great job.
2. When recognizing a movie, if the movie file is a segmented video, even if the suffix "CD1, CD2" or the like is added to the naming, it still cannot be correctly recognized as the same movie. For example: The movie "War and Peace 1966" is divided into four sections, and infuse will be recognized as four "War and Peace", instead of the four sections of the same movie, which is unacceptable.
3. Hope to have the functions classified by "country, actor, director". TMDB and TheTVDB are sufficient to provide the required information.