Excellent Location Discovery, Bookmarking & Sharing App

I have been using Rego for many months now and it is absolutely the best waypoint management and database app I have found to date. I can’t imagine traveling without it now - it certainly has changed the way I travel and plan for my trips. I use it as my universal location database and export my waypoints from Rego to other apps as needed (e.g.: Waze, Google) as well as all my Garmin GPS devices. I use iOS Basecamp mobile to export locations to my Oregon 450 on the go (no laptop or data connection needed), waypoints to Pocket Earth for on-device offline routing, and to Basecamp on my Mac via Air Drop for export to my Garmin Nuvi via GPX. Responsive support from Developer and frequent updates. It is not perfect yet, but it is the best out there at the moment. I recommend this app without hesitation.