Excellent App & Dev. Wildly Underrated.

TimeWave is one of those apps that is pretty hard to find in the App Store, but is so worth the search. Not only can you form multiple timer chains that serve different purposes, but they’ll work on any of your devices (M chip Macs, Apple Watch, iPad, & iPhone.
I’m using TimeWave to help me form good habits through routines. The voice-guided prompts & ability to set timer reminders (ie. Remember to start your X timer now) are absolutely stand out features that none of the routine apps or timer chain apps have (I’ve researched extensively, hence how I found TimeWave).
That being said, you can do a lot more with TimeWave, your imagination is your biggest limitation.
Initially, the app had a bug that I reached out to the dev to fixed. He was very professional, communicative, & diligent. He fixed the bug quickly & answered all my questions.
Overall, great app, great dev, & great functionality across purposes.