My 7 year old daughter asked for this after "playing" Dragonbox algebra over the last couple of years. I thought it would be too hard for her but it was brilliant!
She loved it and with a fair bit of help here and there (discussing the features of the shapes and what we were looking for) was solving geometric proofs and it just felt like solving fun puzzles. A fantastic way of making geometric proofs (which I never used to like) fun.
At a high school level I think this would be brilliant practice in conjunction with writing geometric proofs.
At a higher level it might be good to add in an element of redundant moves like in Dragonbox algebra, as sometimes my daughter was creating shapes that were redundant, and not really thinking about the objective. Also if people are struggling a bit more help might be good, however we enjoyed figuring them out so more help might take the fun away.
All in all, another awesome app. Keep up the good work Dragonbox!