Seamless, Accurate Translator

I text a client in Spanish offline and this translator works seamlessly. I can copy or type text in, and set it so it translates instantly and copies automatically to my clipboard so I can just paste right into a text on my computer. I can actually type and translate so quickly on my computer that I actually have to slow down to accommodate a person texting with their fingers on a phone. It is much faster and more private than a web-based translater, and more accurate translation, too. And it also identifies which language I'm translating from instantly, so no clicking a button to switch from translating my language to theirs, to translating their language to mine. This is a very well designed app and makes it possible for me to work in another language without trying to use a live translator - which I do have access to - but which takes a lot of time and there are platform compatability issues there. LOVE THIS APP.