Excellent blocker... worth the price

I’m late to the ad-blocker world. I don’t do much web browsing from my iOS devices, so I haven’t felt like the research was worth the effort. Well, now my children are in need of browsing so I jumped in with both feet. I won’t let them be subjected the trashy ads that are so rampant across the web.

After researching extensively which blockers are still maintained *and still viable,* and discounting blockers that takeover your VPN interface (no-go for me) there were only a few solutions: 1) 1Blocker and 2) Focus from Mozilla.

I tested Focus and it works moderately well. However, it wasn’t catching everything and my page load times were still pretty high.

Then I tested 1Blocker. I am very impressed! My page load times are amazingly small. In my tests so far, it is catching everything but all of my pages are still loading properly. The curated blocking lists can be enabled/disabled and heavily customized; I even added custom block filters which are working great. Also, it is syncing my settings between my devices across iCloud perfectly! Furthermore, it is actively being updated/maintained. This is an extremely polished app and platform.

I have already paid the in-app purchase to enable all the features; money well-spent! If you need a blocker, or you’re being forced to switch from your old solution because it isn’t working anymore, I strongly recommend 1Blocker.