Immaculate Content Blocker

1Blocker is just that; the one and only content blocker you should ever need for customizing and perfecting your browsing experience on Safari with your iOS or MacOS devices; which with Premium should be able to sync with each other making life easier for the user.

I purchased the Premium version, of $4.99, after receiving an update to the app. This let me know that the developers of this app are still working hard to provide you and I with a continuously refined product with loads of features which is able to block not only advertisements, but cookies, trackers, comments, widgets and much, much more.

The app allows you, the user, to custom create your own specific rules to block out as much, or as little, content as you wish; but provides the less involved user the most options of content blocking right out of the box than any other blocker I have seen granted you have purchased the premium in-app version.

I've used several blockers and made the jump to premium and have gotten rid of all my others as this app assumes all the duties of every other one I used combined.

Very happy with my purchase and use of this blocker and am looking forward to more developer involvement and updates!