Worth every penny

If you hate web ads and like individual control over what gets blocked and what doesn’t (there’s tons of granular control here), this ad blocker is the best I’ve used. I had previously purchased the iOS version, and when I found out a Mac OS X version came out, I jumped on it.

Bonus: the app synchronizes all your settings and customizations across platforms and between devices!

And because it uses the modern version of ad blocking technology (via Webkit), it’s much faster (saves on webpage loading time) compared to the traditional Safari ad blocker extensions.

P.S. No, I am not paid by, nor am I related to the developer. I just think he’s made excellent software that does what it should, and does it well.

I still use and love this app on both Mac OS X as well as synced on iOS.

Also what I love is the ability to custom hide CSS elements, and choose where to block them (globally, by domain, by subdomain, etc.) – very nice for power users (okay, computer nerds), all synced across devices and platforms. No other ad blocker does this as far as I’m aware.

The developer has personally replied to every email I have sent with bugs or concerns.