great app

Very please with 1blocker - performs exactly as claimed. And its unobtrusive; I don’t realize its running until I am browsing the same site with someone else and I get my results twice as fast as they do.

A complaint I have had with other ad blockers is that they block the ad to my device but by using a proxy. In doing so I am making an connection to their service, searching a list or database containing blacklisted and whitelisted sites, then sending those results back to my device every time I make a move on my browser. This does two things I don’t like: it adds overhead and also records everything I do online. The former is unnecessary and the latter is what we have to put up with when getting a free service.

1blocker’s black and white lists are both contained on my iPhone, so there is no need to interact with a proxy. This does two things I DO like: reduces overhead of the ad blocker (local disk access always beats proxy by internet) and there is no record of my browsing going to 1blocker.

I like the speed gain and I really like the privacy. I mean, why block the ads but hand over your browsing history to be sold for targeting you with more ads? I prefer to not feed the ad machine at all rather than just block the ads coming to my device. I will gladly pay for 1blocker and any upgrades that follow.

So a big thank you to Salavat Khanov for developing, to me, the perfect ad blocker.