This is one of the more beautiful and simple Japanese-English dictionaries that I've tried. Very nice interface! There are a few flaws though, so I can't recommend it before apps like Aedict, but I'm hopeful that it will improve! Here are a few examples. The classification of words is imprecise. For example, きつい and 確たる are both described simply as adjectives rather than an i-adjective and taru-adjective (or adjectival) respectively. Similarly, verbs are not always classified and conjugated correctly. For example, aru-verbs are listed as godan-verbs. いらっしゃる is conjugated as いらっしゃります by this dictionary (which is wrong). Stroke order is shown as animations, but I find a series of images is much better. For complex kanji, it is annoying to have to stare at the animation for a long time, and sometimes I am only unsure about one part. The ability to load additional or alternative dictionary data would be great. Sometimes a dictionary for a specific topic is necessary (science, engineering, literature, etc.). All in all, I think this is a promising dictionary and is better than most (and it's free!). Please address these issues and I think it could be great!