Nice update but with issues.

This is a comprehensive Japanese language reference tool. For this specific update, I have a few issues to raise.

1. I cannot find where to customize the software, especially the color of the cards during learning sessions.

2. There are UI misalignment issues with the Reference > JLPT page. The cards of N5 etc overlap one another after scrolling the page for a while, and the notification for the next exam is partly covered by the N5 card.

3. The review and study buttons in the learning function are too far apart. Since studying and reviewing are closely related, it would make sense to place them both under the graph.


4. It would nice for the study page to remember the last word list I had studied so that I can choose "resume to recent word list". An alternative is to manually add lists to the study page so that I can select them.

5. I don't know what the color of the cards mean. I would also like to customize their color. It seems to me that the colors of the cards are messed up now because I used to use blue color to mean that a word is now mastered and a green word is on its way to being mastered.

6. When studying, there is a bar indicating the progress of the word list. It would be nice to overlay the number of words of each stage of learning onto the colors.

7. There are two separate cards for かかる and it is confusing. Same with いる. I cannot tell them apart just from the hiragana.

8. I miss the English to Japanese mode.