Alright, I don’t make a lot of reviews unless an app really stands out.
This is one of those times.
I’ve been studying Japanese for about two years now, and this app has definitely been one my favorites as both a dictionary and flash card practice.
A ton of JLPT vocabulary can be studied and is organized N-5 to N-1.
The transitions and aesthetic are pristine and easy on the eyes.
Example uses of vocabulary are available and can be easily read with the furigana (hirigana on top of kanji).
The alternate text color on the readings is helpful in determining what hirigana is actually pronounce by the kanji and what hirigana is associated with it.
There’s nanori readings for names.
And, there’s animation for stroke order.
Honestly, glad I found this gem. The only thing I would want is more customization for the flash card studying. For example, in apps like Anki, you can create a schedule like 100 flash cards a day.
Anyway, bottom line, if you’re trying to study Japanese or want a dictionary, this is it.