I'd give 10 stars if I could.

This app is simply amazing. I'm learning japanese in University and we use the みんなの日本語 text book and the Genki text books. This app is a true learning app. Forget about the "easy learning apps". They only teaching you basic sentences and common words. A true course will give you all you need to read, write and speak. For me, the kanji section is a perfect companion for learning them on the fly. Also when I read novels, I often stumble on a kanji that I don't know, and with this app, it makes it a breeze to find, memorise and understand the meaning. Plus you can save those searches and use them in flashcard for on the go memorisation. I have a 30min bus ride for school, and no time is wasted. Every morning I use the flashcards to learn more everyday. I began reading the ヴァイオレットエヴァーガーデン novel and it's helping me alot to improve. It's my desire to one day become a translator and contribute to the expension of novels and manga to North America and this app is a life saver. Save your money, buy the Genki text book, the work book and the anwser key for 120$ on amazon, and use this app to help you if University is out of reach. It'll be your best investment.