Fantastic, but needs better spaced repetition

This app is incredibly useful and pretty much my go to for any situation. The dictionary is really huge and easy to search, the handwriting recognition works really well, and the precompiled vocabulary lists are incredibly helpful.
My biggest gripe about this app is the study system. It boasts that it uses spaced repetition to help the user memorize cards, but the actual system seems like an awkward approximation of what other apps use. Quite frequently, cards get marked as “learned” after I get them right a number of times, but they never reappear to be studied again, and I end up forgetting them. It would be great if this app used something like due dates for each card, showing you the card less often the more you get it right and vice versa. As it is, the “learned” category is pretty unhelpful. I end up turning to other apps like skritter and memrise to help me study, even though I like this apps interface a lot better.
Please alter the spaced repetition system to help us study more effectively!