Best free language app i have ever used

Whenever i look for online resources to study languages, i am constantly left with disappointment at the sheer lack of free resources with which to study my target languages. And every one i use barely helps me through the language im trying to learn.
This single, free application has faight me all the japanese i know today. And thanks to it i went from knowing 500 words to over two-thousand thanks to its GREAT SRS and progress-tracking system. Quite frankly there is a lot of potential in this application and it’s company, and i 100% HOPE that Renzo Inc. seriously considers making other apps exactly like this to help people achieve their language learning goals. The ONLY thing I dislike about this app, and there is absolutely very little if not nothing i dislike about this app but this one thing: there is no notification system. A notification system in this day and age will be a small, but substantial contribution to the effectiveness of this application to its many users, it would keep us learners consistent by reminding us to study and as a result we’d forget mess and procrastinate far less towards our linguistic goals. This company should seriously consider making more language learning applications because i would be more than delighted to use the exact features and layout this application has to learn far more than just Japanese.