My most used Japanese study app

I have had a hard time finding an app that I find works for me in studying Japanese. When I first started learning Japanese, one of my biggest problems was that I’d hear new words or phrases being spoken when I was going about my day but before I could write them down, I’d forget them. So then I started carrying around a notebook to study Japanese but carrying it everywhere I went was a hassle and I also needed my phone to check the meaning of new words. This app solved all my problems. You can quickly type in a word in Japanese or in English and find that word as well as words with similar meanings. Making flash cards and being able to study them has built my vocabulary and helped me learn unique words and phrases. Whenever there’s something I want to make note of and go back and study later and search the word on the Japanese app and add it to one of my flash card decks. I use this app so much it’s one of my main apps at the bottom of my IPhone screen. I’ve tried Anki as well but I find this app to be much more straightforward and user friendly. I’d definitely recommend this app as part of your Japanese study arsenal!