More Than Just A Dictionary!

I have been using this app for over a year now and have thoroughly integrated the app into my Japanese learning routine. It is extremely useful as a dictionary, but it is also a very good flash card app and the integration of the dictionary and flash card features bring significant value for language learners.
The dictionary itself is pretty robust with good definitions and a variety of example sentences for kanji as well as Japanese words and some phrases. It even references common compound words using the same kanji for helpful context into the meanings. I would highly recommend this dictionary for people who would like to integrate their flash cards with their dictionary app to learn words. This app gives learners the opportunity to learn words more naturally as they come across them rather than in an arbitrary order.
Developer Note: As an improvement to the app, I would recommend adding an option to allow color coding of the dictionary entries throughout the app by JLPT level or by the SRS/memorization level so that language learners can keep track of words they know and words they don’t or words they should focus more on. In addition, it would be helpful to have periodic study reminders or notifications for flashcards when they are ready to be re-reviewed.
Thanks for creating such a great app! I’m looking forward to even more improvements