The greatest app I have ever used.

I’m going to make this short. I’ve been studying Japanese rigorously for nearly 15 years and have gained *near* fluency. I owe a lot to this app. I use it in conjunction with many other methods of study. I’ve used countless other electronic dictionaries but none have been able to compete with the intuitiveness and crisp UI that this app offers. It has literally every aspect of a dictionary that I need. Example sentences, common compounds, radicals, stroke order animations, verb conjugations; the best part is I don’t need to do a lot of clicking or tapping to get to what or where I need.
I cannot believe it is free. But I applaud and praise the devs who worked tirelessly on this app. I sincerely appreciate you sharing this wonderful bit of software with the world, and have not charged me a penny. This is something we rarely see in today’s ad-ridden society. A bunch that truly care about this language and expanding it to the world. You’ve touched my life more than I can explain and I owe a lot to what I’ve accomplished simply to your software. Your work has changed my life and opened many doors due to language fluency and immersion. Godspeed.