Like Those Old Handheld Japanese To English Dictionaries

This is my favourite app, out of all apps period. It’s flawless. My family used to host foreign exchange students from Japan and they always had these handheld translators. It was before PDAs and Smartphones were around so to me they were so futuristic. Now that I’m the one learning I totally understand why they were always translating on the go. Like now it’s so easy I give them so much more credit in hindsight as they had it so much harder trying to learn abroad. I’ve been using this app for about a year now and it’s helped me so much with my studies. Turning on the Apple keyboards for Japanese input let’s you step it up a notch and search Japanese words. The app doesn’t do phrases which is a good thing. It’s taught me how to translate things on my own through trial and error which has been the most important part of learning Japanese for me. Once you get used to inputting Japanese characters (either the Kana or Romaji methods). Again this is the best made app I have seen. If anything a MacOS version would be dope. Thank you so much for all the help and the nostalgia of having a handheld English to Japanese dictionary like my old student friends. Maybe one day I will find them again!