Best dictionary app ever

I’ve had this app for over a year now and it still amazes me. I keep forgetting about the study tool which is bad on my part because the study tool is great. It gives you a progress bar of how much you know and even suggests you 50 starting cards. I love how the resources gives you lists of words from the JLTP vocab list and shows you how much you know. It’s great for keeping progress. I also like how when you can’t remember a word, it doesn’t kill you for it like so many apps and websites. No matter what you’re still learning, this isn’t a video game, you don’t lose. I also like how it gives you a date for the next JLPT test. You can even make your own list and it keeps track of that as well. It also gives you the stroke order for each kanji and if you go to the search tab and wait a bit, a ton of random words in Japanese show up. This is probably the most underrated app for learning Japanese and I recommend it to my friends.