Literally my favorite APP of all time!!!

I have never enjoyed an app so much. This is the app that has been on my phone for the longest. Whoever made this is a genius!
I love how:
- vocabulary scrolls when you are idle in the search bar
- vocabulary and Kanji are sorted out into categories such as: JLPT, Kanji Kentei, grade level, common usage, radicals, etc.
- the app teaches stroke order (for even kana)
- it shows you some obscure Kanji and their readings down to the Nanori
- gives detailed descriptions of Kanji (even other ways the can be read or written)
- has a lot of cool phrases as well
- the flashcard feature is AMAZING!!!! (You can even make and share sets with friends)
I just wish that it had more examples sentences. There are a lot of words that just don’t have ANY example sentences. (I know that gathering examples sentences is challenging so I will cut them some slack on that).
I also wish that you could create two separate accounts on the app. I would like an account dedicated for studying the Kanji Kentei and a separate account for studying the JLPT. Also maybe even a 3rd account to track all the words that I don’t know!
Other than that, this app is the best app in the entire world (in my opinion). It will be on my phone until I am old and gray.