This App is a Life Saver

I am a freelance web and graphic designer. I spend the day hopping back and forth between projects and my projects are scattered throughout several different files, folders and applications. I’m often under-charging clients because I don’t want to charge them for more time than I’ve actually spent on a project, and I’m only going on my own estimates. I’ve never been able to use apps with a start and stop timer, and I’ve had minimal happiness with other timing apps…. Enter Timing….
Wow! I can’t get over much time this saves me. I don’t have to set anything up before I begin working on a project. I can FINISH a project and take less than 1 minute (after it’s completed) to drag all the specified folder and files and websites into the Timing project and Wham! I have an accurate total number of hours spent actively working on the project. I can also set up the Timing project before I begin and track my time really easily as I go along. Other apps required me to add time from different apps accross several different days. With Timing, It’s as simple as clicking my project, setting a date range and viewing my total time! I can also select a project and date range and see how much time I spent each day or each week.
Suffice it to say that this will be my favorite app for quite some time! I look forward to some updates and feature additions that will make it an even more excellent app. There is nothing that compares to Timing as far as I’ve found.
The developers definitely care to keep updating the app and keeping it awesome. Since I’ve owned it, there have been at least two major improvements that have made it even more wonderfull. LOVE THIS APP!