???? The Best Mac Time Tracking App ????????????????

With every update this app keeps getting better and better! It’s one of my Top 10 Mac Utilties.
Over the last 30 years of using a Mac I’ve tried a plethora of different time tracking applications, and without a doubt, Timing is my favorite one. I love that it’s unobtrusive (if you want it to be) yet very detailed in it’s collection of data about what apps and documents you are using. I love that I don’t have to “start tracking” like so many other time tracking apps make you do.
If you do contract work (or just need to track what you're doing at work), and don’t want to always be bothered by having to remember to hit a start button, then Timing is for you. I love that it just tracks my app usage, and documents that I’ve worked on. A great example is that I can go to Chrome or Safari tracking info in Timing, and see when I was goofing off vs. working by looking at the web sites I visited and how long I spent there. I also like that I can have it prompt me when I’m in between using and app, or away from the computer, and asking me what I was up to. This is great as I don’t have to hit a stop tracking button, give it a reason, and then resume tracking. It just does it for me.
There really isn’t another Mac app that does as good of a job at tracking my computer usage as Timing. I tip my ???? to app developer for always striving to make the app better.