I'm enrolled in computer science after being out of school for 12 years, I bombed my math placement test and was going to need to take developmental courses to get back on track. I wanted to give the placement test another shot and was looking for study aids when I came across this app, there were a lot of good reviews and I figured it was worth a try for a few bucks and I just have to say wow! This app is an amazing learning tool, it helped me understand algebra in a way I never learned in school. I spent an evening with the game, it only took a few hours to get through, I then took a random math test to re-familiarize myself with terminology and non-algebraic stuff. I took the placement test again and this time tested right into the class I need! This is an incredible app and I really can't say enough about it, I wish I had grown up at a time where tools like this were available.