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Apple's Fiscal (Payment) Calendar

Apple, unlike other app stores, uses a special payment calendar where months don't start on the 1st and don't end end 30/31 days later.

Instead of using standard calendar months, Apple set up its own fiscal calendar and uses it to pay developers.

We've reverse engineered Apple's fiscal calendar and built it into our Payments report, so your numbers will always align with Apple's.

If you're curious how the calendar is structured, read on.

Apple's Fiscal calendar is based on the following rules:

  1. Every month starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday.
  2. The first quarter starts at the end of September.
  3. Every quarter starts with a 5-week month, followed by two 4-week months.

FYI - Every few years the calendar gets an extra week added to one of the months. There's a complicated formula to figure it out, but it seems to change often enough that we just keep our eye out for modifications from Apple.