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Appfigures af team

@Björn Lindner the easiest way is using your browser's print to pdf functionality. All of our reports have print layouts (no menu, extra buttons, etc) so it'll give you exactly what you're looking for.

Björn Lindner

Is there an easy [way] to export reports (with graphs, figures, reviews) into PDF?

Maura C af team

@Scott Bedwell Looks like this is an account specific issue so we'll check in with you directly, via email.

Appfigures af team

@Mahmud Ahsan That's been resolved a little earlier today. Check out the status page for more details:

Mahmud Ahsan

Hello, last 2 days I got 2 email with old app reviews: yesterday 40 reviews and today 80 reviews where all are old. Please check this the correct thing should be send review if only new review posted.

Maura C af team

@Stefan Ninic We noticed you also reached out via email so we followed up with you there as this one turns out to be account specific.

Stefan Ninic

@AppFigure: Do you have any Update with the Itunes connect Problem? In My Account Data is not shown correctly..

Appfigures af team

@Richard Thomas it seems like iTunes Connect is having some issues. Reports have been pretty delayed over the weekend and we're still waiting for new reports today.

Richard Thomas

Hi guys - I'm getting an "Encountered an issue while communicating with the store." error for iTunes on sync. Any info on this?


@Maura C Yes, yes, yes :)

Maura C af team

@YAZIO We're getting ready to roll out support for subscriptions. Shhh... ;)


Hi! What’s about these „SubscriptionEvent“ and „Subscription“ reports for iTunes I’ve seen during the sync yesterday and today?

Maura C af team

@appbee Apple's Search Ads has been added to our suggestion list. If we're able to open a beta in the future for the integration we'll be sure to follow up and let you know!


Hi, I just wanted to know whether appfigures can be linked with search ads api (apple)?

Appfigures af team

@Jeremy Wesley These days automatic updates are turned on by default and most users don't turn them off. That's most likely the reason for high update numbers right after a release.

Appfigures af team

@Mario Wynands Sounds strange, thanks for brining it to our attention. Do you mind getting in touch directly with details if that's still an issue?

Appfigures af team

@Björn Wennerström @Boris Lipty thanks for the feedback. We started supporting non-English reviews from Google Play a few months ago so those should be showing up in the report.

Do you mind contacting us directly with more details about what's not showing up?

Boris Lipty

I have seen a lot of people complaining and i haven't seen seen any action/updates for a long time. Despite the fact that this is a paid service. Recently i added my new app and i still can not see the reviews. I subscribed for $150 but it seems that i will have to switch to AppAnnie or SensorTower soon if this continues. Get your shit together appfigures and start releasing some updates instead of posting random news on the Twitter/Blog that nobody cares about.

Björn Wennerström

PLEASE add non English Google Play reviews! As @stst, @mbonnin, @SmartNews and others have pointed out this is very important. The previous replies 1 year ago, 5 months ago and 2 months ago have been "we're working on it". Any progress or ETA? The English only review management is useless to us

Mario Wynands

After manually initiating an App Store sync last night, Appfigures reported it had found the new November 6 daily report and successfully added two new IAPs in our Rival Stars College Football product. However, no revenues or downloads have been loaded for that day, even though they are visible in iTunes Connect, and trying to resync does nothing.

Jeremy Wesley

Hi, I have an app that I have neglected, and the sales have dropped, naturally. I have not updated the app since 2/2015. We are working on a mass update but thats not the point of this post. But I'm a little concerned because I will have 2 sales, but ill have 4 updates, and 8 re-downloads. The numbers flux everyday but the number of updates and re-download are are almost always more than the number of sales. I'm concerned because the last update was 20 Months ago, so how are there still that many updates being downloaded. I sort of understand the re-downloads. Someone buys it on their iPhone and then they download on iPad etc.. I'm Just concerned that something shady is going on with the app, because it just so odd with the number of updates this far out. Thanks so much for any feed back you can provide.

Maura C af team

@Peter Smith We do have support for 2FA with Google Play so we'll investigate. We'll reach out via email to sort this out with you!

Peter Smith

Hi there, I have enabled two factor authentication (2FA) on my Admob account due to attempts to access it from elsewhere, however the 2FA login process seems to hang when I change the credentials in Appfigures. What is the best way to get a 2FA login for Google Accounts in Appfigures? Cheers.

Appfigures af team

@David Such absolutely!

David Such

Hi, are sales of iMessage sticker packs tracked by AppFigures?