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Outsmart your competitors. Build a better competitive strategy by analyzing competitors' actions and performance trends.

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Premium App Intelligence & Market Research Tools

You've Probably Seen Our Data Before

Data You Can Trust

We obsess over low error-rates so you can make informed decisions

The Complete Picture

See what apps are doing and how it's working out for them

Easy to Get Started

Simple and affordable pricing and no long-term contracts

Benchmark High-Accuracy Download and Revenue Estimates

Stop guessing and start basing your decisions on real data. With App Intelligence, you'll be able to quickly size up the competition, explore new markets, and benchmark your performance.

Get the most accurate analysis with daily granularity, country breakdown, historical data, and very high-accuracy rates.

Reveal the SDKs Behind Every App

Take a look under the hood and see what's powering apps, from ad networks and analytics to development frameworks, notifications, security, native APIs, and many more.

We use a unique, human-assisted, detection process which prevents false positives and ensures SDK install and uninstalls events are accurate.

See How Apps Get Discovered

Identify the organic keywords that work best for apps to improve your App Store Optimization strategy quickly and effectively.

Go through the ads apps are running to get downloads, play each video, and see which networks they're running on.

Explore the Competitive Landscape

Search across all major app stores using a variety of filters, from name and categories to audience, technologies, and performance, to understand the competitive landscape and identify new competitors.

Monitor Store Performance

Explore store performance of apps, including category ranks, ratings, and features in any country and category.

Analyze trends with hourly updates to see the impact of higher ratings, better ranks, and getting featured.

Uncover Audience Demographics and User Sentiment

Get a better understanding of the audience of apps to focus your targeting with a breakdown of genders and ages.

Learn what your competitors' users want with ML-based topic and sentiment analysis and beat the competition to add those.

* Topic analysis coming soon

Affordable & Accessible

We believe every developer needs access to high-quality app intelligence, which is why we're working hard to make premium data available at an affordable price and don't require a long-term contract.

Powerful Insights

Download Estimates

Daily estimated download trends with country breakdown

SDK Intelligence

Installed and uninstalled SDKs and native APIs

Audience Demographics

Audience breakdown by gender and age group

Reviews & Ratings

Analyze reviews and ratings from every country

Category & Keyword Ranks

Track chart and search positions with hourly updates


Find all the places apps are featured now or in the past

Revenue Estimates

Daily estimated revenue trends with country breakdown

Ad Intelligence (coming soon)

See ads apps run across multiple ad networks

News Mentions (coming soon)

See what's being written about any app anywhere