Mobile Market Intelligence for Apps, Publishers, and SDKs

Appfigures Explorer is a proven mobile intelligence platform for lead generation, market analysis, competitor tracking, and more.

Find and Qualify New Leads

Predict Emerging Trends

Monitor Your Competitors

Build Whitelists for Brand Safety

Identify Growing Markets

Focus Your Marketing Efforts

Find the apps and developers you need easily

  • Comprehensive Filters

    Explorer's powerful search engine lets you identify apps with a variety of filters — from name and price, to SDKs, demographics, performance, and more.

  • Flexible Queries

    Combine filters using AND/OR operators to build complex queries and to zoom in with great precision to identify the apps you need.

  • Customizable Results

    Customize the results view to show the columns you care about most. From the basics, to monetization, or any other combination.

Identify and analyze millions of iOS and Android apps with Explorer

Dig into each result with rich profiles.

  • Mobile SDKs & Permissions

    View and filter by the most accurate list of technologies used by every app, including SDKs, permissions, and capabilities.

  • Store Data

    From pricing and monetization strategy to similar apps, developer locations, and much more. Explorer's profiles show you every detail.

  • Demographics

    Pinpoint your targeting and uncover unique insights about any app's user-base with gender and age demographics.

Mobile SDK analysis, app ranks, ratings, and app info

Find qualified leads quickly

  • Contacts + Emails

    Find the most appropriate contact person using their name, title, role, and department. Then, grab their direct email and get in touch.

  • Company Information

    Easily find important company information such as its address, year established, a description, links to social media, and more.

  • Integrations

    Send data directly into Salesforce, Pipedrive, Intercom, and hundreds of other apps and services automatically.

Mobile SDK analysis, app ranks, ratings, and app info

Automate your workflow

  • Saved Searches

    Take the time to create the most complex queries knowing that you can easily save them and then run them with a single click.

  • Alerts

    Set up alerts for your saved searches and every time a new app is added or removed we'll send you the details. In real-time or on schedule.

  • Developer API

    Connect to Explorer's powerful search engine on-demand to automate and extend your internal dashboards and apps.

Real-time alerts for new iOS an Android apps and app updates
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Let us show you the power of Explorer

Smart insights start with solid data

Explorer helps you connect the dots by combining data points from all corners of the mobile industry. We use cutting-edge machine-learning techniques, as well as time-tested data science to deliver insights you simply won't find anywhere else.

Performance Metrics

Identify successful apps based on their most important vitals. Search by data points like ratings and rank momentum, as well as downloads and revenue estimates. Browse detailed app profiles with performance history.

SDKs, Permissions, and Capabilities

Pop the hood on any app to see exactly what it's made of. Find out which apps use which SDKs, and device permissions they require. You can quickly size-up mobile SDKs based on the number and type of apps that use them.

Ad Intelligence

Gain invaluable insight into publishers' efforts to stand out in their crowded market. Find apps based on their ad spend patterns, and dig into individual ad creatives to fine-tune your marketing strategy or find your next sales target.

Audience Demographics

Understand the people using an app and find apps that are used by specific segments of the population. Our unique user data includes gender and age information about tens of thousands of popular apps.

Company & Contact info

Research publishers rich company profiles. Access every developer's geographic location, company size, social media profiles, and more. Browse an up-to-date employee directory with email addresses and LinkedIn profiles.

Store Data

Get a complete view of an app's details and marketing information, including category, release date, country availability, and much more. Use it to get a better understanding of the competition, analyze the market, and improve targeting.

"Explorer got us the data required to develop the market/opportunity slides for our pitch deck for our seed round, and that helped us close our seed round."