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Maura C af team

@Gary Toste We agree, it would be great to have additional info from the iMessage store. We'll continue to investigate and add support as soon as possible!

Gary Toste

@Maura C the iMessage store may not have category ranking lists, however they do have top paid, top free, and top grossing for the Sticker category overall which would be very beneficial to see especially by country.

Maura C af team

@DarekDoesStuff An email should go out shortly after making the request. We'll investigate on our end and follow up via email as well to make sure you're all set.


Your system does not sent that promised confirmation emails, when user requests deletion of the account. It's really lame.

Maura C af team

@Portal da Band We're not 100% sure what you're asking but we will definitely help answer any questions you may have. We'll reach out via email!

Portal da Band

Hi, is there one form to I sync with API ?

Maura C af team

@Mahmud Ahsan Sounds like it is account specific so we'll check it out and follow up via email.

Mahmud Ahsan

Hi, just noticed facebook audience data not importing

Maura C af team

@Paul Gee We've started tracking the stickers category in iTunes, the data is not visible in iTunes yet but data is available. The iMessage store itself does not really have categories with top apps lists right now, but we're exploring.

Paul Gee

Hi will their be iMessage app rankings?

Appfigures af team

@Robert Grzybek Ah, got it. Do you mind following up directly? Just so we're 100% what's going on. Thanks :)

Maura C af team

@Diane Hamilton That's a great idea, we went ahead and added it to our to do list and we'll reach out directly once available!

Diane Hamilton

How do I include events in the export file of a sales report?

Robert Grzybek

@appFigures 4 instances of one unit ID. I believe it is because I have 4 organizations on my Unity Account. Probably only one unit is working.

Robert Grzybek

@appFigures I just figured out that I had multiple instances of UnityAds units (4 instances for every UnitAd ID) and matched only one. After I matched all to those, importing is working well.

Appfigures af team

@Robert Grzybek do the different organizations have different API keys? If so contact us directly and we'please be able to have those linked for you right away :)

Robert Grzybek

I have multiple organizations on UnityAds. Every organization has a different statistics API. I am not able to add multiple statistics API here, and I am getting data only from main organization. How I can set up multiple organizations / statistics API?

Appfigures af team
Maura C af team

@Boris Lipty Unity released a fix on their end so data should be pulling in now as expected. This sounds account specific so we'll check it out and follow up via email.

Boris Lipty

Any progress on UnityAds reporting fix?

Maura C af team

@Pablo Downloads by device is on our to do list. We added your email address to our waiting list and we'll let you know once available on our end!


Hi Everyone, Im pulling up some reports here, and I noticed that all Android reports are based on "Daily User Installs" is it possible to see both? "Daily User Installs" and "Daily device Installs".

Best regards, Pablo López Carrara

Ryan Hinthorn

Hello all, I am wondering with iAds gone from what I understand, what is the next best option for banner ads at the bottom of the app? Easy to use, best payouts and such.

Maura C af team

@Andreas thanks for letting us know! We'll take a closer look at UnityAds and check back in as soon as we have an update on the integration.


@Maura C That would be great. Btw. somehow UnityAds import doesn't work anymore. Login data is correct. I think this could be due to some changes on at UnityAds. The dashboard now also looks different.