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Grow your downloads and revenue with Appfigures’ best-in-class monitoring and optimization tools. Track downloads and revenue, monitor popularity, read reviews, and keep an eye on competitors.

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Mobile App Analytics & Insights

All Of Your KPIs In One Place So You Can Make More Informed Decisions

Appfigures automatically collects and normalizes revenue generated by your app, advertising expenses, and app popularity so you can connect the dots and grow your bottom line.

Gain invaluable insights by analyzing trends together. With Appfigures you can easily see how your ad campaigns are performing, whether price changes increase downloads, how your ASO activities are improving conversions, and much more.

Identify Opportunities And Prevent Costly Errors

Whether you're analyzing the conversion rate of an in-app purchase, your MRR, or how ratings correlate to downloads, Appfigures offers the tools you need to easily identify trends across all of your data sets quickly.

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse With Alerts And Email Reports

Appfigures monitor your apps and sends real-time alerts and daily summaries of your performance, so you can keep your finger on the pulse even when you're busy doing other things.

Communicate With and Engage Your Users

Your users are giving you invaluable feedback. They're telling you how to make your app better (or where it's broken) and all you have to do is listen. Appfigures makes that easy by collecting reviews from all of your apps and from all countries and translating them into your language.

When you come across a review you want to reply to you can do that directly through Appfigures, saving you precocious time.

Monitor Your Apps’ Popularity

Track how your optimization and ad campaigns are effecting chart positions with hourly updating top app charts. Follow your chart positions over time or see where your app stands right now around the world.

Use Appfigures to keep an eye on the popularity of your competitors in real-time and also how they move up and down over time.

Built for Teams

Share access with your team securely with granular access permissions

Powerful API

Do more with your data using our powerful developer API

Mobile App

Keep your finger on the pulse even when you're away from your computer

Great Support

Never get stuck with our Best-In-Class support, available over email and live chat

Easy Exporting

Export your data as CSV or Excel for further analysis, or as a backup

Strict Privacy

We don't sell or share your private data, and give you complete control over it

Supported Data Sets

Download & Revenue

  • Downloads
  • Net revenue
  • Total Downloads
  • Gross Revenue
  • Updates
  • Returns
  • Refunds

Store Performance

  • Hourly Ranks
  • Top App Charts
  • Worldwide Reviews
  • Worldwide Ratings

With Appfigures I was able to track, coordinate, and see my apps progress in the App Store. I am forever in their debt and helping me reach App Store potential. Their customer service is top notch and their team is even more amazing.
Craig Caruso
Craig Caruso
Appfigures has been a great way to give all of my developers a single place to look for their game’s daily stats, downloads, revenue, trends and more. I've been using Appfigures for years!
Josh Presseisen
Josh Presseisen
Crescent Moon Games

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